Recent updates on

I’ve been busy during the last weeks and introduced some major updates to the website:

Historical (west) german results:

I’ve added almost all results of the (west) german championships from 1972 to 1990.


I added the flags to the IOC codes of the nations of the participants.
Flags are always a political issue and I know that some countries changed their name, IOC code and/or the flag over time.
I took the flags from Wikipedia I and hope that everything is correct.
Please send me an email if there are any errors.

I also added the flags to the archive (result lists):

  • For Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games, the IOC flag is used.
  • For major ICF and ECA competitions, the ICF logo resp. the ECA logo is used.
  • If a national federation organises a national competition in another country, I used the flag of the country in which the competition took place.

Result lists from the former German Democratic Republic

Armin Kießlich from Spremberg is very busy scanning old result lists. He is now working on the 1970s. You can find the lists in the archive.

Update April 2020: In the meantime Armin finished his work (he scanned more than 1.000 result lists) and I got the impression that now the archive contains almost all result lists from the former GDR.

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